Why Choose SJIS?

The biggest dilemma in the minds of young parents is to select the best preschool amongst varying choices for their beloved child. The worry is but natural since every parent wants the best for his ward. Today parents are more enthusiastic yet cautious while taking first step of learning for their young ones.

“We assure you, if you make SJIS your first choice, you will never regret your decision.”

SJIS provides ultramodern infrastructure along with conducive learning environment, caring and compassionate members of faculty to guide your child in taking first confident step playfully.

SJIS will lay a strong foundation for your child by imparting knowledge in an innovative way and adopting learning method of ‘doing and experimenting’.

Each passing day in school will be a new learning experience for your child in digitally equipped modern classrooms. Teaching emphasizes on individual needs of every child. Your child will grow in a beautiful caring environment to become an intelligent and worthy human being. We adopt holistic approach towards learning by blending modern technology in education with traditional moral values of our society. Storytelling, reading, dance, drama, sports will be an integral part of your child’s daily learning.

“Leave your child with us and see them grow and excel in every sphere of life, which is also our motto.”